these aren’t the droids you’re looking for

Downtown LA fire hydrantMarina del Rey hydrant

You may recall I have a thing for sketching fire hydrants. Well, here are a few more. These forst two are from Los Angeles, sketched on our recent trip there. The short one with the long noses was sketched while waiting for the bus on the corner of Flower and Wilshire. incidentally, taking the bus in LA was fine, but changing buses at a fairly rough feeling underpass in Culver City with a suitcase in tow was a little anxious. Still, we survived and went down to Marina del Rey, where I sketched the peculiar looking hydrant above right, which was outside our hotel. 

fire hydrant on 8th & irvingby the ferry building

Two more, from San Francisco this time, the stumpy one with the red top on the left was on Irvine Street in the Inner Sunset, while the all-white one was sketched after dark while waiting for the Amtrak bus outside the Ferry Building.

And finally, Davis. I spotted this unusual shaped one on Fifth Street on Saturday, and it had to go in the book. I’m a fire-hurdant-sketching machine. In fact I’ve got a new set on Flickr devoted to them (and other urban pipes) (and beer-pumps, because they, you know, serve a similar purpose).

hydrant on 5th street

3 thoughts on “these aren’t the droids you’re looking for

  1. rob carey says:

    You inspired me to start sketching fire hydrants, so I was planning on doing a set of 4. I drove into a nearby city, but couldn’t find one blasted hydrant in the whole metropolis! I couldn’t believe it. Who knows how they put out fires over there. I’m still searching….

    • pete scully says:

      nice! well, i know we don’t have them in England (which is why I’m so obsessed with them here). I like the German one you did, and I was looing at my son’s Playmobil brochure and one of the sets had exactly the same style fire hydrant in it (Playmobil’s German after all, I think), I recognised the design from your sketch! As you can tell, I’m spotting them everywhere…

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