call me bubbles, everybody does…

champagne! 5 years in america!

So anyway, to celebrate five years in America, we drank champagne, pink champagne. This has been some time coming – we have been saving this for just such an occasion (this very nice bottle having been brought over by my very excellent friend and best man Roshan for mine and my wife’s fifth anniversary last year), and we figured the fifth anniversary of our emigration was a good time to crack it open, and it was very good indeed. You can’t beat good proper champagne. The bottle was fun to draw too, and I’ve started a new brown paper sketchbook, much bigger than the last one.

4 thoughts on “call me bubbles, everybody does…

  1. Alex Zonis says:

    Congratulations! I am with you, except it is 22 years for me :). Neat sketch too!

    I am curious about the brown paper sketchbooks. What kind are they? Do you make these yourself?

    • pete scully says:

      cheers Alex! No, these brown paper sketchbooks I got from our university bookstore, really cheap though, around a dollar each. Hand-bound. I love the paper, it’s quite coarse but I like the effect.

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