train engine in davis

I sketched at the Davis Farmer’s Market today (I’ll post that later; all my sketches are being posted in nonlinear fashion these days while I catch up with my backlog). I missed my bus home by mere seconds, so had to wait an hour for the next one. The bus stop is by the railroad, and I noticed a cool looking engine parked about a block away, near 6th Street. I sat by the lumber yard and sketched away. It’s from the California Northern Co; if I’d had more time I would have sketched the whole thing, from side view. If it’s there again I will do so. I was pretty pleased with this drawing, so I couldn’t wait to post it.

5 thoughts on “trainspotting

  1. mike daikubara says:

    Great sketch and love the light line usage for the clouds too!

    “I didn’t see it as an hour lost, more a sketchbook opportunity gained.” – This is so true!
    The other day I had to wait on line to get in a restaurant for 30 minutes but enjoyed it – I got one good sketch!

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