did you think i’d forgotten?

With all this new post-Symposium energetic sketching (which you’re yet to see), you might think that the start of the new Premier League football season had somehow slipped by me. Not at all! Things kicked off today, with my team Spurs drawing 0-0 at home to Man City, who for all the billions and squillions they are spending, still can’t beat Tottenham. Sorry, City fans.

For a World Cup year, we haven’t seen all that many big blazing transfers this summer. Clubs are being more cautious. However, there have again been a glut of new kits, many very nice, many not so nice. I love Tottenham’s new home kit, Puma have really stepped up lately. The new ‘tailored’ Umbro football (detail 2)shirts are lovely, especially the Rangers one (I’d even get it, if I didn’t have a Celtic shirt). Most of the adidas kits are overdone, gaudy and unnecessary. However, hate to say it though I do, Arsenal’s new old-style Nike kit is one of the best they’ve had. I can’t believe I just said that.

I’m sure football-shirt-design geekery isn’t as interesting to you as it is to me. Nonetheless, if you want a laugh, go over to the football shirt websites (such as this one or this one)and check out the comments sections. They get quite unbelievably passionate, vitriolic, ridiculous. Laughter will ensue, I promise, at least after a few beers.

So who will win the league this year? I don’t care, I really don’t. As long as Spurs do alright, I’ll be happy. Now, back to the Portland Symposium sketches…