tractor boys

toy tractor

I feel like I did this ages ago. There have been so many drawings this month, so much scanning still to get on with. I’m sure I’m not the only Portland-Symposium-participant that feels that. Anyway…this is my son’s toy tractor, a metal green Tonka. Living in the agricultural world of Davis, tractors are inevitable.

Tractor Boys… that’s what they call Ipswich Town supporters, isn’t it. I have family in Norwich, so I should be all anti-Ipswich Town, but I have always quite liked them. They were great back in the days of Bobby Robson, John Wark, and, er, the other guys who were in Escape to Victory. I remember I was in Watford once when they were playing Ipswich, and all these Watford fans were giving Ipswich supporters some stick around town, calling them Tractor Boys and saying oo-arrr, and I wanted to say, Watford? Seriously?

Apologies to American readers, you won’t get any of that. I suppose it’s like people from Nebraska calling people from Oklahoma ‘farm-boys’. Or maybe it’s not. I grew up in London; everyone’s a tractor boy from my point of view. Even me, now.  

This little brown sketchbook is in fact finished now. You can see the whole collection of brown sketches, minus a few I didn’t bother scanning, on my flickr site.

2 thoughts on “tractor boys

  1. Theresa says:

    As a native Nebraskan I loved this blog! As I was reading the first paragraph I was thinking “it’s interesting even in ot her countries people are the same”
    I also thought it was funny you compared NE and OK. Not sure of you follow American football but we have live hate rivalry with the Sooners. I think we might use words like Hicks or Rednecks. Maybe because farming is honored profession in these two states “farm boy”wouldn’t be much of an insult.

    • pete scully says:

      Haha, no I didn’t know about the rivalry, I just pulled two farming states out of the hat! Originally it was ‘Davis’ and ‘Chico’ but I figured they weren’t as well known. I also thought about ‘hicks’ and ‘rednecks’ but I think ‘tractor boy’ isn’t quite the same as those. ‘Yokel’ might be the equivalent in England to hick, or those other ones to do with sheep. We don’t really have rednecks in England though. We just have chavs.

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