pull the other one

yellow train, old sacramento
simon sketching  in old town sac

Old Town Sacramento has lots of candy stores and saloon doors, but it also has a big railway heritage – there is the railway museum and an old steam train that chugs up and down on weekends. Not so on quiet Thursdays. My friend is visiting from the UK so we swent down there to talk Back to the Future III and do some sketching. That’s him there, Simon, on the right. I didn’t draw the bus transfer ticket, though you know I would. I sat and drew a yellow Union Pacific train engine, which had a logo on the side which we found amusing: “America, We’re Pulling For You”.  A family of tourists came up while sketching and took my photo (that’s not it below, by the way). That’s the second time that has happened on this same spot, funny enough.

me, sketching in old town sacramento

3 thoughts on “pull the other one

  1. Mike McLaren says:

    My wife and I were just talking to some neighbors here in Corvallis about the train museum in Old Town Sacramento, one of the few places we liked to go when we lived there. We always loved to visit on an afternoon. I enjoyed the drawing… but then I’m a huge train fan.

  2. Terry Banderas says:

    All of your art is great. I love this one with the caboose. Color and the rivets are nice. I wish cabooses were still on the back of every train as I remember them while I was growing up. Old town Sacramento with the old trains is fantastic. What I like though is train depot in Davis. It is a beautiful complex. I plan to draw that one of these days along with all the hundreds of other things I need to draw.

  3. petescully says:

    cheers mike, terry. i am getting into trains as a subject now (thanks to my two year old who loves trains). I’ve sketched the davis station before (briefly), it’s a lovely building, but for some reason its shape and colour intimidates me a little, like i couldn’t do it justice in a sketch. I think your style would suit it really well though, Terry, definitely. Now I’m thinking i might draw it again (possibly inspired by my trip on the amtrak yesterday!).

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