on a chinese envelope

uc davis, on a chinese envelope

I wanted to draw on some different surfaces, try out some new things. I get a lot of mail from all over the world in my job, mostly from China, and my recycling bin is chock full of interesting looking envelopes waiting to be drawn on. So I cut one up, pasted it into my moleskine and drew the view from the stairwell today, the UCD water tower on a foggy January lunchtime. I don’t remember which university this envelope came from, nor do I read Chinese, but I thought the effect of the red writing looked really cool on the brown paper. Oh, and yes I know it is upside down.

6 thoughts on “on a chinese envelope

  1. Theresa says:

    Wonderful idea! Love the red lettering effect. As a kid I drew so much my parents would save all kinds of paper scraps for me to draw on. The best was the backs of large calendar pages. Only time you’d have that large of piece of paper as a kid.

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