bravely ran away, away

22, athletics

When I was in my teens, I learned to run. My mate Terry was really into running at the time and so he always wanted to run around the park after school. My dad, and I don’t quite know why, got a running machine at home, put it in the living room, and I used it to practice. And I got quite quick. Not as quick as Terry, but pretty quick. At sports day I would usually do pretty well, in the 100 metres anyway – I didn’t have the stamina for much else, except 200m. Oh, and the javelin. I tended to get lucky in that I’d race against really slow people too. I obviously won enough races that the sports teacher picked me for the athletics team one time, to race at Copthall in the 100 metres sprint. I think Terry may have had something to do with it. I was about 14. Everyone I was racing against was at least 16. Even though I was just as tall as most of them, I felt tiny. You never know, I told myself. Maybe the Force will be with me. And then they bolted. Sure, I gave it my best shot, but contrary to lying cartoons the tortoise does not beat the hare, came a woeful last. Oh well. I went back to the art class, and never raced again.

I don’t run any more, don’t exercise much at all.

#22 of 30. Incidentally, I have decided to name this series “I hold my pen in an unusual way”, after the first (and most appropriate) entry.

2 thoughts on “bravely ran away, away

  1. Leslie says:

    Hi Pete,
    I’ve very much enjoyed reading your blog and seeing your sketches–both are fabulous! I have two questions: First, may I use images of your sketches to show my middle school art classes? And second, am I just overlooking them or have you not yet posted 23-30 of your series “I hold my pen in an unusual way”? I can’t seem to find them, at least not as yet. I would very much like to display all your series to my students to give them an idea of the different ways they can use/format their daily sketchbooks. I am hoping to create a power point, using yours as well as a few others’ sketches and photos of actual sketchbooks, kits, etc. This is the first time these kiddos will have introduction to such and I hope to instill a lifelong love for it into them. Those are my hopes anyway. Thanks for replying, regardless your answer. Leslie

    • petescully says:

      Hi Leslie, thank you for your comment! Yes, you may use them in your class (and I appreciate you asking me first, thank you!), as long as it’s not for publication or anything. Always a pleasure to encourage kids to draw. As for my ‘Hold Pen in Unusual Way’ series, parts 23-30 are yet to be written but will appear soon. I’m trying to fill a whole sketchbook using the same two pens. Pete

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