big-toe shoe

The navy blue Stride-Rite (why don’t these companies spell properly? Makes it sound like a magic incantation for silly walks), next of my son’s shoes, and the first with a hard sole.

#5: big-toe shoe (side view)

And, as you can see, a very big toe. The sole is thick moulded rubber, useful for when baby takes long hikes on treacherous mountain trails, while the rest is squidgy and hard to draw. The toe is interesting because it’s so big. This shoe is the real deal, presented here in two views. I love the shape of the top drawing. You’d be forgiven for wondering what the drawing below actually is. It is the rear view; it is not Darth Vader’s ski-mask. They might be a giant spider’s fangs. When I started drawing it, I was in a well-lit room, but when I did the shading, the room was considerably darker. It’s useful sometimes to know when to stop.

#4: big-toe shoe (back/top view)

Drawn in Micron Pigma 02 and 01, in a small Moleskine cahier.