down by the levee

the edge of davis

I fancied cycling tonight, before the Sun went down, so I went down to the very edge of town, to the levee, a spot I’d never actually been to before, though it’s right near where I live. You can see all the way to Sacramento, across the flat Yolo landscape. Not in this drawing, but it is there. The moon (also unseen) hung low and pink, in the east. Some interesting birds hopped about nearby. All very peaceful. The sun started to vanish so I cycled home.

Sepia micron 05.

4 thoughts on “down by the levee

  1. Daniel Ting says:

    Hi Pete, I’m a huge fan of your work. This sketch was particularly interesting because it almost looks exactly like a scene that I had in a recent dream. It is rare that coincidences like this happen to me! Keep sketching; I’m looking forward to the rest of your work.

  2. Wendee says:

    I’m a fan, too, and found this sketch and its description to be particularly lovely. Sounds like a very nice time for you – hope you will be able to enjoy many more!

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