sketchcrawl 23, SF: part 3, the castro

And so onwards and upwards with the 23rd Sketchcrawl; the Mission gradually became the Castro, and I chose to sit right in the middle of the sidewalk and draw some very colourful buildings on Sanchez.
sc23, sanchez houses with colour
I used a Pigma Micron 05 for this. I have been using them more and more, rather than the 01s I normally go with. sketching on sanchez and fordI sat patiently and drew this, and passers-by were pleasant and didn’t disturb, although one young couple did drop some litter, right next to me, a plastic fruit carton. I don’t like people who drop litter (and no jokes about dirty sanchez, please). I was going to add the colour to this drawing there and then, but sitting on the floor was starting to get uncomfortable (I was rather hoping someone might offer me a chair), so I added the colour when I got home.   

Below is the Castro theatre itself; I sketched (in copic 01) this while leaning on a newspaper stand at Harvey Milk Plaza. There was a Silent Film Festival going on at the time (shhh!). The Castro is the main gay area of the city; if you saw the recent biopic Milk, about Harvey Milk, the first openly gay elected official in the US, you would recognize the sights, including his old shop on Castro Street, while walking round. Up above the streets and houses, rainbows were flying high.   

sc23, the castro

This was almost the last drawing of the day…but there is still one more to come…