they think it’s all over

Sunday sees the end of the 2008-09 English Premier League Season. Manchester United have already snatched a third successive title, so the real focus is at the table’s foot, where Newcastle, Hull and Sunderland are fighting for survival, with the other North-eastern club Middlesbrough already all but down. Mystic Pete assures me that Hull, who are playing Man U, will go down (as you know, I am Mystic Pete’s representative on Earth, and he is seldom wrong, well, sometimes, well, all the time), but in many ways I’d prefer Newcastle to drop. Not that I have anything against them, if anything I feel great pity for Newcastle: not many big teams make a bigger balls-up of things and go through managers than my beloved Spurs, but Newcastle really teach us a lesson. It’s as if the people running the club want them to go down. It reminds me of the Eurosong organizers in that episode of Father Ted, who let Ted and Dougal’s “My Lovely Horse” win. My Lovely Horse, running around in the field… (um, don’t tell Michael Owen)

As for Spurs, well we got out of that battle a while ago, and how! Now we’re a win away from getting into the Europa Cup (that’s the UEFA Cup; as Alan Partridge would say, “they’ve rebranded it you fool!”) which we purposely got knocked out of this season, to give us a better chance of getting back into it next year. Speaking of Europe, Manchester United face Barcelona in the Champion’s League final on Wednesday in what should be a classic. A phrase which guarantees it will be a 120 minute 0-0 affair ending in tired overpaid stars tapping in penalties. Perhaps we’ll be surprised.

The season finale I’m following most closely however is that in France. When we lived in Aix, in 2002, Olympique Lyonnaise won the title for the first time ever, and we were all pleased. They have won it every year since, totally dominating. This year, however, they’ve slipped up and allowed Bordeaux and Marseille to slug it out. As a Marseille fan I’m delighted, (though Pierre Mystique tells me that les Girondins will break OM hearts), but I just hope this ushers in a new era of competitiveness in French Football.

This time of year though is the time when new football shirts come out to play, and debates rage on football shirt websites (such as football shirt culture, or about the lame unimaginativeness of Nike’s templates or the dread felt by fans of teams who have Puma that their new kit will also be in their new cheap wierd chevron style (that’s my concern for the upcoming Tottenham kit anyhow; Puma make nice trainers, but atrocious football kits). Kit companies have taken to releasing ‘leaked images’ of fake kits, to throw off the counterfeiters; Umbro did so with the new England kit. And of course, South American and lower-league English teams are still using female models to launch their new shirts (many of whom wear them much more elegantly than the average beer-and-pie-guzzling footy fan would), but this year’s prize for gratuitous use of female model goes to Northern Ireland’s Linfield. Their new Umbro away kit apparently features some sort of thong. That makes a change; most of the new kits this year are just pants.

6 thoughts on “they think it’s all over

  1. Morris says:

    “I’m snorting tea here”, must be the snazziest blog comment I’ve come across, but I can’t understand your take on shirts Pete – even if it is mainly lillywhite – when you’ve got so much that I’d prefer on a T shirt or skirt – even

  2. Pete says:

    Gosh there are some tragic football shirts coming for next season. I like tradition and what not but I think some of them are retro in a bad way; the 80s was not good, let’s not go back there.

    I wouldn’t mind knowing why Sunderland never get beautiful women to model their kids. I mean, Kieran Richardson’s a belting player but really I don’t need to see him model.

    • petescully says:

      i think it’s because sunderland are staying in the premier league. I england it’s generally clubs from the lower divisions that use female models. See port vale last year, or doncaster, and you get the idea. (and now for the inevitable Newcastle related punchline) Newcastle must have known they were going to join the ranks of the lower leagues, as they used some big birl’s blouses to launch their kit.

  3. Pete says:

    Oh, bonus points for getting a dig in at both club and players. What a beautiful week this has been for the beautiful game! You can’t imagine my glee on Sunday; actually you probably can.

    On another note I always did think Doncaster were good upfront but I’m just not sure if there the genuine article. Ahem.

  4. Pete says:

    ooh, we’re Texan now too, we got bought out; do you think that means we get the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders a la IPL?

    • petescully says:

      I wonder if the Doncaster Belles use male models for their kit launches?

      As for Sunderland being Texan, no jokes about Bush making an appearance, given the skimpy model theme…

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