under the brown fog of a winter dawn

Bit of a misnomer that title, this being actually a sunny lunchtime sketch (and being about Davis and not London), but it’s from the Waste Land and it’s therefore cool, and sprang to mind when I was finished.
holding water

And it is winter, or at least what they call winter here. This is the tall UC Davis Water Tower (and environs).

Speaking of which, today is Pancake Day, but this year I didn’t make any pancakes. My little plastic lemon squeezer thing (yes, just like the old jif lemons but not called as such here) is out of date, by a month (bit stupid, I bought it for last year’s pancakes and then it goes and expires in less than a year, it’s like when you buy mince pies that end up expiring on December 24th, yes you know what I’m talking about, marks and spencer). It put me off.

Also posted at urban sketchers. That extraordinary site is growing and growing…

2 thoughts on “under the brown fog of a winter dawn

  1. Pyracantha says:

    Peter: I love your sketchwork. You are my favorite contributor to “Urban Sketchers.” I especially like your limited color palette and your use of a rounded-corner rectangular frame for your sketches. Have you ever worked in a graphic novel/comic book format?
    I hope you do not mind that I have added your blog to my “Art Blogs I Like” blogroll on my own effort, “Art By-Products.”
    Thanks, Pyracantha

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