frat luck

frat house

A frat house downtown. I’ve mentioned before about the frat houses in Davis, all running along the edge of campus. They are so sketchable, yet I rarely get around to drawing them.

Did I mention the Amgen Tour of California, kind of like the Tour de France of California (like, dur), started here in Davis (amid a massive rainstorm) on Sunday? Well I missed it, sadly (hey, I stayed warm and dry, don’t feel too bad). Huge event. Lance Armstrong. Serious stuff. Davis is the bike capital of America and didn’t want anything to go wrong, this is a showcase. Now Davis did do really well, however… Lance Armstrong’s bike got nicked. No, not in Davis, and not while he was riding in the race; it was his one-of-a-kind time trial bike which he’d used the day before in Sacramento. Someone actually half-inched it. The most famous cyclist in the world. 

I hope he didn’t chain it to a bollard, like David Cameron.

2 thoughts on “frat luck

  1. Seana says:

    That was quite a storm, wasn’t it? Traffic in Santa Rosa where the first leg of the race finished up that day was horrendous, but exciting nonetheless. Love the Theta sketch. Looking at your sketches is like an illustration of my college years. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

  2. olha says:

    haha, there was a frat house across the street from mine when in college. the sketches of it would be to graphic to display if I was doing them at the time :)

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