because you’re mine, i walk the line

just unnoticed

Part three of a series. Presumably this means I will have to make more. This is the outside of a very famous station. Well it’s not that famous but many thousands of people have heard of it, maybe millions. More people over the course of seventy years have heard of it than, say, Jordan and Peter Andre. And they’re pretty famous for not doing anything particularly noteworthy. I suppose you could say this station has spent it’s entire life on the line. The Northern Line. Anyway here it is in line and wash.

8 thoughts on “because you’re mine, i walk the line

  1. Yosita Oramahi says:

    Omigod, don’t tell me this is Burnt Oak Station? I haven’t read your entry and wanted to see if my “guess” was correct? I might be wrong but it looks so familiar, the station that I used to go to when I was growing up in Northern London. Am I right?

  2. Yosita Oramahi says:

    Aaaaaah, your sketch brings back so many fond memories from my childhood. Watling Market being one of them. I sent you an email last week. Did you get it? Can’t remember if it was from my gmail or flikcr. I believe we went to the same school! Happy new year and enjoy the rest of your break :-)

  3. Lee says:

    Hey Pete!
    This is a superb drawing mate….Burnt Oak Station just as I remember it.

    I remember how good you were in Junior School…….the old magic is still in those fingers my friend! :)

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