every day i look at the world through my window


Illustration Friday this week is “routine”…this is my entry.

Now, before you say, “do what?”, I’m playing a game here I used to play when i did interactive theatre. This image, ok, it’s an image of Tel looking out of my window in Belgium, about eight or so years ago. Add the word ‘routine’ and you start to write the story in your head around it. 

This may have been the night after this night here. But it was probably after a different night. 

But that windowsill! Man, I spent so many days and nights sat on that, looking out of my thirteenth floor window, across the Square Hiernaux (I nicknamed it the Vicious Circle because of the quite crazy Belgian driving), to Ville Deux, to the Stade Mambourg (where England beat Germany in Euro 2000), and to the terrils, the large slag heaps that dot the landscape of the forsaken pays noir.

14 thoughts on “every day i look at the world through my window

  1. kate says:

    ooh i love this, great drawing! i used to live in an apartment in nyc with a window exactly like this. nothing like having a hot cup of tea and wondering how many people you were actually looking over

  2. petescully says:

    cheers, yes this window was the best thing about where i lived actually. It had a radiator just beneath it, and you could sit on that huge marble windowsill and warm up when outside it would be freezing and grey. I feel very nostalgic for that view.

  3. Dienke Jägerhofer says:

    Great drawing, i always like drawings featuring windowsills there is something double about it. He is inside but with his mind somewhere completely else. Besides that, i live in holland so i know how crazy the driving (and the weather) can get.

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