did you feel the earth move? um, not really

There was an earthquake this week. I never felt it – it was in the Bay Area – but apparently it was felt in Sacramento. It measured 5.6 on the Richter scale, which makes it the biggest since Loma Prieta in 1989, but there was little damage. Still, the news channels did their best to get as excited as possible, featuring interviews with people who recounted tales they’ll no doubt be telling to their grandchildren, “yeah the chandeliers started moving, we didn’t really feel much,” and “things were shaking a bit, and i had to ask someone afterwards if that was an earthquake, and it was,” that sort of stuff. You could tell the TV presenters, sat in Sac, were a little disappointed by some of the callers, the lack of drama. Close-up shots of some jars that had rolled lazily off of a supermarket shelf (“breaking news!” ), reports of library books that had fallen over, Mark Finan the kcra3 chief weather lord pouting because he doesn’t get to talk earthquake like everybody else. At least it wasn’t more serious. With southern CA suffering from those dreadful fires, the last thing we’d need is for the Bay to get the Big One they’ve expected for years.

Originally posted at 20six.co.uk/petescully

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