shake and bake


There was an earthquake today. Actually there were several, but at about 3:45pm the house shook, probably about 10 seconds, followed by another which was much more of a rolling wave that made me feel a little dizzy, that lasted longer. I was resting due to a massive headache, having had an odd rumbling in my ears all day, compounded by this bloody heatwave (sorry, Heat Dome) that is ramping up again (it is expected to be 113 degrees or higher over the weekend now). So I went to lie down for a bit, get away from computer screens. Just as I was nodding off, I heard the blinds rattle all at once, and the ceiling fan cords sway, and the ground started vibrating, with my head against the bed it felt like I could hear it. I got up, we had all felt it, the family met on the landing of the stairs and sure enough, there was the swaying, like being at sea. I live in California, you might think I feel earthquakes all the time, but they are pretty uncommon in Davis, which is not that close to any fault lines. There are big fault lines in the Bay Area (you all know the San Andreas Fault, from Superman The Movie (RIP Richard Donner, BTW), but there are a few other pretty significant ones). On the other side of us in the Sierras you get some big faults, up near Truckee for example, and today’s 6.0 quake was in the region south of Lake Tahoe about 120 miles east of here. The one right after was nearby there at about 5.2. There were many aftershocks, some are still going on, we wouldn’t feel them. Last earthquake I really felt here was the Napa quake in 2014, this one felt stronger from here. No damage here, it seems like there were a few big boulders that rolled onto the highways in the Sierras. Meanwhile, the heat is getting worse and worse, and yet all I can think of is…it’s coming home

I drew this tonight, just needed to sketch. I was listening to a podcast about the Viking Great Army, which is about when the Danes rolled over the English. Didn’t happen yesterday though, eh. It’s coming home… My eyesight is going, I need to get my eyes tested again, getting older and the eyes are just being squeezed. So I could not really see all the details in the kitchen. I know what it looks like though.

did you feel the earth move? um, not really

There was an earthquake this week. I never felt it – it was in the Bay Area – but apparently it was felt in Sacramento. It measured 5.6 on the Richter scale, which makes it the biggest since Loma Prieta in 1989, but there was little damage. Still, the news channels did their best to get as excited as possible, featuring interviews with people who recounted tales they’ll no doubt be telling to their grandchildren, “yeah the chandeliers started moving, we didn’t really feel much,” and “things were shaking a bit, and i had to ask someone afterwards if that was an earthquake, and it was,” that sort of stuff. You could tell the TV presenters, sat in Sac, were a little disappointed by some of the callers, the lack of drama. Close-up shots of some jars that had rolled lazily off of a supermarket shelf (“breaking news!” ), reports of library books that had fallen over, Mark Finan the kcra3 chief weather lord pouting because he doesn’t get to talk earthquake like everybody else. At least it wasn’t more serious. With southern CA suffering from those dreadful fires, the last thing we’d need is for the Bay to get the Big One they’ve expected for years.

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