turtle recall

turtle house davis

This is the Turtle House on 2nd Street, Davis. I’ve drawn it before, and passed by it a million times, and it looks like another student house. It’s quite well known in town though as a place for events, bands will play there, bands have lived there I think, I don’t know; there’s a whole page on DavisWiki about the place. Reading that it feels a little bit outside my experience. They have an Instagram page too. Not having been a student here, and having only really worked with grad students and faculty during my time in Davis, there’s this whole undergrad student culture that exists in Davis that I know literally nothing about, and don’t really relate to much. Been a long time since I was a student, and that was in England. So I just draw pictures. It’s an interesting looking building for sure. The turtle is there, hanging above the porch.

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