freeborn rain

freeborn hall, uc davis
This week has been very rainy in Davis. We have so much of the year without rain, when it finally comes it can be heavy. I had a pre-lunchtime meeting on the other side of campus, and so was stuck in the MU when a deluge came down. So I sketched Freeborn Hall, because it’s going to be knocked down anyway. Yes, I read recently that they decided to demolish rather than redevelop.  They have almost finished with the plaza in front of the MU (that took forever, and I thought it was fine the first time they redeveloped it a couple of years ago), but it is interesting to have sketched this section of campus several times over the years, and to see how it has changed. Well, it’s going to change again. That rain was really bucketing down.

6 thoughts on “freeborn rain

  1. AJ Tauber says:

    I didn’t know that they were going to demolish the building! I always found the roof overhang intriguing … and you captured it well!

  2. megisacat says:

    Your blog is great! :) I like that I can recognize the places. How do you color them? Is it digital or color pencil or??? Sorry if you answer that somewhere already :P

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