i am a passenger, and i ride and i ride

Amtrak from Davis
At the start of this month I took a couple of day off from sketching Davis and went to San Francisco for an overnighter. I took the train down as you do, the Amtrak to Emeryville, followed by the Amtrak bus over the Bay Bridge. And because I’m on the train for an hour and a half I have to draw it, even though I’ve drawn it before about a million times. In fact you know what, I was going to tell you about my trip to San Francisco but I’ve decided I’d rather bore you with a bit of trainspotting. Here are my other Amtrak sketches, or as many as I could find, the story of sketching just to pass the time. Training in perspective.

Amtrak from Davis to Richmond
Train to Burbank
Train to Santa Barbara

Amtrak Coastal Starlight 2016 sm
Amtrak from Davis to SF
amtrak in the morning
amtrak sketch
on the amtrak full of knitters
sketching on the BART
quick Amtrak sketch
on the amtrak (with my hat)
philadelphia trainsketchcrawl 31, allan on amtrak
sunday morning train
california train sketchfanta on amtrak
amtrak sketching
on the train to the bay area
on the train
sketchcrawl 20: san francisco
a weekend in the city

And some other trains elsewhere in the world…
Eurostar to Paris
Virgin Train to Manchester July 2016 sm
Virgin Train to London July 2016 sm
northern line
tube sketch

And that is quite enough scrolling through train sketches for today.

11 thoughts on “i am a passenger, and i ride and i ride

  1. fromsomewherewithlovex says:

    Love the one done on the timetable :) And the different views out of the windows – hard to capture when you’re moving! The Virgin train and the London tube are instantly recognisable – amazing subtle differences between train nationalities…

    • pete scully says:

      Yeah, the view changes by the time I get to add the paint so you gotta be quick. The timetable one was fun, the paper was easier to draw on than the newer Capitol Corridor timetables (bit too glossy).

  2. notdonner says:

    great; now my wife and I will probably start another summer of short-hops by train. ha! Brought me back instantly to riding the train in southern California, and mid-Atlantic region (DC to Baltimore). We both love trains. How we got around Ireland a couple years ago. There’s a lot to sketch in San Diego should you pass this way.

    • pete scully says:

      I was down in San Diego last year actually, family vacation. Didn’t get downtown though, but the zoo was amazing. Yeah I love the train journeys, the one down the coast to Santa Barbara was a lot of fun. When I was 22 I took five weeks around Europe on the trains…that was an experience! I wish I had been sketching more then…
      I was in Ireland a couple of years ago, the only train we took was the DART from Dublin to Bray, and they kept repeating the phrase “Please Keep Your Feet Off The Seats” over the tannoy in English and Irish, over and over. Me and my son are still repeating it now!

    • pete scully says:

      Yes, travel sketching is fun! I sketch inside planes as well, and I got bored of that at one point, but I like to look back at them, the sketches are filled with the anticipation of the journey (also notes to myself reminding me never to fly United again…)

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