there’s no telling who that it’s naming

E St Davis

This was sketched on November 4, seems like a lifetime ago now. This is a house on E Street that was an orthodontist the last time I sketched it, but is now a hotel. That big head sculpture wasn’t there before. It’s quite interesting looking. See how the leaves have changed colour. I’m starting to see a pattern, as that happened around the same time last year as well, weird. I’ll have to remember and watch out for it next year too. I’ve done a LOT of sketching this week past (good therapy) and it’ll take me some time to scan it all in, but after a fallow mostly sketch-less October I’ve found a rich vein of form again, and ain’t stopping any time soon…

6 thoughts on “there’s no telling who that it’s naming

  1. trulyunplugged says:

    Congratulations on getting back into the groove…I can imagine how relieving it is to know that your gift/drive is still with you….I find it’s like holding one’s breath when your creativity is blocked…your sketches and narratives are such a blessing to behold…thanks for sharing :)

    • pete scully says:

      Well…this past week I have sketched more than ever before, perhaps a reaction to some big stress-inducing news event, certainly helps get my mind off of things! I can’t stop now, I just got back from a dinner (sketched it) and now have to get back to drawing my son’s advent calendar…

      • trulyunplugged says:

        Sorry to hear you’re dealing with unwelcome developments…on the other hand, good for you for focusing on what lifts you up and helps you focus on the positive…I bet your son will love his calendar! :) Continue to take care :)

  2. Idle Muser says:

    Again a beautiful one. :)
    I wish I had also cultivated the artist within me. It might have fetched me improvement, and who knows I could also sketch something like this. ;)

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