there’s something different about you

3rd and University Davis
I don’t like posting sketches out of chronological order, but I was done with this one from yesterday lunchtime with the pink blossom blossoming and I wanted to show it to you now. Not out of an urgency to show spring in all its glory while it is still here, but to show you that we actually have spring in Davis in February because frankly, it’ll never stop being weird. Really though, I sketched this because the last time I drew this building (and I’ve drawn it a few times) it was painted white, with a greenish trim. Now it has a new paint job, is no longer the Davis Copy Shop, and I am guessing from the thing outside the door (what are they actually called?) that it is now some sort of clothes shop. This corner has changed; the two telegraph poles are now gone, as is the wire hanging overhead that was a repository for random pairs of shoes (legend has it that a group of geriatric shoe-makers lived her but I think that’s a load of old cobblers) (I’M 40 EVERYONE). I noticed that the shoes are now being thrown into nearby trees because you know, that makes sense. Ok so because I’m showing you the building as it looks now, you will also get the way it used to look. Cue sketch-history…
3rd and University, Davis

Two years ago in February 2014, the blossom is there, the shoes are there, telegraph poles, white paint with green trim.

3rd and University

October 2011 (when it still felt like summer). No blossom.

davis copy shop

The first time I sketched this building, from the side, back in June 2007. Man I’ve been in Davis a long time…

81 thoughts on “there’s something different about you

    • pete scully says:

      Thanks! I wonder how old this building is?I should really look into its history, got to be a century or more. I have a book about all the buildings in old North Davis, this is outside that area a little.

  1. jeminavilbar says:

    Wow! You have such beautiful sketches. I also like to draw but I’m not as good as you. I’m new here and I just made my first post. I made a sketch to go with it but honestly, it looks childish compared to yours. I hope you can check it out and give me some tips. Thank you!

  2. justlikethat101 says:

    The same building but still different, this shows the change in nature, the beauty of nature and the power to capture each change is the beauty itself. The way you have capture each moment from different views is lovely. I like drawing myself but I can never capture the moments like you did. Hope you will keep posting and amaze us with your talent just like always.

  3. Deb says:

    I love your style. As I was scrolling through Discovery, as soon as I saw your sketch I knew I had to stop and discover!! They have a distinct feel and character to them. BTW that thing outside the door is called mannequin, lay figure or dress form, I’m thinking dress form is the one you had in mind. 😊

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