another day in late november

3rd st, Davis
I hope you all had a very nice Thanksgiving. Well, those of you in America, anyway. To the rest of you, well I hope it was a pleasing run-of-the-mill normal Thursday. Mine was very nice, thank you. So, this sketch was done in Davis a few days before Thanksgiving, in downtown Davis, on 3rd St. That’s it, really. The weather has been nice, sunny, not really cold. A boring tale I know but boring is good. And another sketch that looks like so many others from downtown Davis, but again that was the point, to have a unifying look about them. That leafless time of year is here which will hopefully bring me many more buildings to sketch, unobstructed by those damn pesky leaves.

2 thoughts on “another day in late november

  1. lacy redfern says:

    Dear Pete Scully, I am a great fan of your work, so much that I am currently doing A-level Art in which I have used your style of drawings to influence me throughout my sketch book, I am also doing an essay for my personal investigation in which I have to include artists (such as yourself) to explain why and how I decided to include your style of work in my artwork. if it is possible, would I be able to interview you to help support and boost my personal investigation and help build a good essay. An online interview would be great, or a face to face interview would even better!
    Please could you email me if you would like to do an interview as it would be a pleasure in meeting you! –

    P.s I live in north London and I got to St Thomas More School in wood Green

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