bright green boots

diadora boot
My son’s first football boots. Or as they say here, ‘soccer shoes’. No, no they say ‘cleats’. It took me years to work out what ‘cleats’ meant. They are the studs. Anyway, my son has finally started playing football (soccer, cleatball, or whatever) and he loves it. These are his new (and very green) diadora boots, sketched in the S&B Alpha book.

Me, I am the referee. Refereeing under-six, three-a-side was very nerve-racking. I had my first game, twenty-minutes long, in which it actually rained (our first rain in months and months). It went ok. I need a stopwatch!

Football boots are so bright and colourful these days. When I was a kid they were all black, with a white logo (usually white; Roy of the Rovers I remember had a yellow Nike logo at some point). Then there’s the old brown leather boots; I think of that other strip in Roy, “Billy’s Boots”, with those ancient and possibly magical boots. (Good idea for a comic strip, “Pete’s Cleats”…) Speaking of Roy, I should go back and find all the old “You are the Ref” strips, though of course they have those in the Guardian now. Maybe I’ll learn something…

5 thoughts on “bright green boots

  1. Sigrid says:

    You go, soccer dad! Those kids are lucky to have a real Brit coaching them. Only a German would be as good ;-) But seriously, it’s hard to find the same passion for, and knowledge of the game in North America. Cheers from a German-born sketcher in Vancouver.

  2. Brody says:

    Good !
    I apreciate your sketches and also the humour of the little stories you often tell. I like to follow tour work from Paris. Also about the classical car of the fifties

  3. Jason Pearlman says:

    Great sketch as always, and yeah, I hear you one the football versus “soccer” thing. I may be an American, but my sporting tastes are purely European, so I love when I hang out with my American friends whom are football fans and talk about football pitches, matches, and clubs instead of fields, games, and teams (of course, I’m not much of a football fan the way I am a hardcore pro cycling fan).

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