how i sketched this bridge

I got a new camcorder, so I thought it would be fun to try it out by videoing a quick sketch in progress. Easier said than done of course! Here though is a quick demonstration on how I approach a sketch. I had to use the waterbrush (I prefer a regular brush and a little jar of water, but had forgotten it), and this being quite impromptu was rushed a little but, as Alan Partridge might say, you get the general idea. This is a bridge in the Arboretum. Once I’ve got the hang of this I’ll do a nicer video of me sketching a building or something. I can’t stand drawing foliage…

arboretum bridge

5 thoughts on “how i sketched this bridge

  1. Anna Cull says:

    Thanks for posting the little video. It’s always interesting to see how artist’s work. I’m not a fan of waterbrushes either but they do get the job done (after a fashion).

  2. Linda Prentice says:

    Pete, thank you so much for this video. I’m such a huge fan of your work and watching you in action was a delight. Your work always inspires!

  3. Greg West says:

    Thanks Pete for this example. I bought your book: 5-minute sketching PEOPLE and working through, following your advice and copying your examples in the book. I really like your subtle ideas/tips and your relaxed methods which really helps people who are trying to enter the world of Urban Sketching, especially with humans in the sketches.

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