dejeuner encore

silo, uc davis
One from another Monday lunchtime at the Silo. I just stayed indoors, eating a burrito and listening to the new Art Brut album on my iPod. I didn’t want to be outside sketching, the weather is warm but very windy, and my nose is like a pressure cooker. This time of year is pretty bad for allergies here in Davis. This wasn’t a particularly interesting lunchtime, so I will tell you about the weekend.  On Saturday it was the 99th annual Picnic Day. I pretty much never sketch at Picnic Day, mostly because of the crowds, but also because I am here on campus every single day, and drawing Picnic Day, when that same campus is ridiculously crowded, just seems a bit odd to me. Plus I always get too hot and tired, wandering from place to place with my son. We did see some nice cure kittens though. I missed the parade in the morning, the best thing about Picnic Day (no, the late night parties are not the best thing, not that I would actually know). I was volunteering for a couple of hours at the Little League’s Snack Shack, which was a great change of scene. I had to sell snow-cones and other strange candies I have never heard of to tiny children (who mostly shared my dislike of grape flavoured sweets). It is funny how different the candies are here to what I had as a kid in Burnt Oak though. I recall in the newsagents on Watling Avenue, and in Toni-Bells too, there was what seemed like thousands of different “penny sweets” (which actually ranged from half a penny to a whopping ten pence). I would spend hours in there with my friends just trying to choose what to buy. This wasn’t you pick’n’mix neither, this was serious sweets business. This was all brought back to me when a kid of about six or seven presented me with a dollar and just said, how many different things can I get for one dollar? Quite a few as it turned out. Back in my day though, that sort of money would have kept you in candy for a month. And I’m not that old.

4 thoughts on “dejeuner encore

  1. Aloquin says:

    LOL, have you ever watched “Little House on the Prairie”? The children would go into the general store with a penny and get a bunch of candy from big glass candy jars. My kids (2 & 4) have had a few lollipops, but nothing else. They don’t really know what candy is, and I’d prefer to keep it that way as long as I can. Heck, my youngest loves to snack on carrots and lettuce! Albeit, she thinks the lettuce is seaweed, but she gobbles it up! ;)

    • pete scully says:

      I never liked Little House on the Prairie, just the music at the start. It was one of those Sunday morning tv shows that just seemed to go on forever, like the Waltons, and I was just waiting for Terrahawks to come on…

  2. Aloquin says:

    Funny, I always associated the Waltons and Little House, too, although they were completely different time periods. I’ve never heard of Terrahawks… did we have the show in the States? I did a quick image search, and it looks scary…

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