an illustrated journey

CapturecoverEXCITING NEWS! And believe me, this is pretty exciting. Many of you will have heard of Danny Gregory, renowned sketcher and author of books such as A Creative License, Every Day Matters and An Illustrated Life. Well his newest book “An Illustrated Journey”, a sequel of sorts to An Illustrated Life, was just published, featuring the travel sketchbooks of about forty artists of, well, like to travel. And I’m one of them! I haven’t received the book yet but I’ve had a peek online, and it looks like an incredible read. I loved ‘An Illustrated Life’ when I got that a few years ago, so I was hoping for a sequel. Many of the featured artists I am familiar with (such as through Urban Sketchers or Flickr) and friends with / big fans of, others I’d heard of and am eager to learn more about, and many more I didn’t know so I’m looking forward to finding out about.


I am very honoured to be included among such illustrious company. One of my sketches – of Vipin’s in Burnt Oak, of all places, the shop where I used to buy my pens and pencils when I was a little kid, a shop completely unchanged in three decades – is on the front cover. (I can’t wait to go and show Mr and Mrs Vipin!) I’ll probably write a bit more about it once I get my copy, but why not order yours now at your local bookstore, or online at places like, you know, amazon. Also, head over to Danny Gregory’s blog, were he talks a bit more about the book and has been posting video interviews with some of the artists already (very enlightening!):

Thanks Danny for putting me in your book!!