a hatful of silo

silo uc davis
Sketching has been sporadic lately, but I have been doing a little. Above is a quick lunchtime sketch at the Silo, UC Davis, where I often eat my lunch. On this day I sketched; other days I just eat, read, listen to podcasts, or in the case of yesterday I spent my time writing hilarious captions against photos of hairy pretentious bands in a local free magazine. That was fun. But anyway, this got me thinking about how many times I’ve sketched at the Silo – a LOT, I’ve worked at UCD for six and a half years now, blimey. So here is a selection of sketches of the Silo area from over the years.
sooner or later, one of us must knowno colours any more
(Above Left: March 2008; Above Right: April 2008)

silo um mittagsilo

(Above Left: Feb 2007; Above Right: July 2009)

yer bluesblue silo
(Above Left: Feb 2009; Above Right: Oct 2007)

the silo
(Above Sept 2010)

through the windowrainy silo

(Above Left: Feb 2010; Above Right: March 2012)

in the silo
(Above May 2011)

lunchtimesilo lunchers

(Above Left: March 2008; Above Right: July 2009)

silo on an envelope

(Above: Feb 2012)

at the silo, in purplepurple pen at lunchtime

(Above Left: August 2007; Above Right: Jan 2008)

taco bell at the silohalal truck at uc davis silo

(Above Left: June 2011; Above Right: May 2011)

carl's jroverheard conversations

(Above Left: March 2009; Above Right: Sept 2007)

the silothe silo oct 2011

(Above Left: Sept 2011; Above Right: Oct 2011)

Thanks for sticking to the end! This isn’t even all of them, and doesn’t include all the South Silo, Bike Barn, Outdoor Adventures ones, the whole Silo Complex. This represents a helluva lot of Grill’d Stuff’d Burritos.

6 thoughts on “a hatful of silo

  1. Seana says:

    Love these! The food truck one reminds me of when I was at Davis. They were building (remodeling? I don’t recall) the Silo then, and the Carls Jr. was in a food truck outside the construction site. There were protesters there all the time yelling at you because the owner of Carl’s Junior donated money to right to life organizations. Thinks haven’t changed all that much in 20 years! I especially like your postal envelope sketches. But the colorful ones of Taco Bell are pretty eye catching as well. Was the one from October 2009 a rainy day? The sepia watercolor effect makes it look like it, but could easily have just been in the afternoon too. Beautiful sketches Pete! I love seeing all the different views of the same place.

  2. koosje says:

    Your work is so unbelievably awesome, it’s almost intimidating! But very inspiring too.
    I’m also very curious what kind of captions you write about those hairy pretentions bands :)

  3. hairsprayandhemingway says:

    I love your sketches! They really capture the feeling and energy of the people and places you draw. You’re like a modern plein air artist. Really, very good. I noticed you have a link for Etsy. I’m going to check that out. I’d love to have a larger scale sketch similar to your top image for framing.

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