wait a minute, mister postman

silo on an envelope

Another envelope sketch, though this one was on an airmail envelope from India. The Silo, where I yet again had lunch today. You can sketch anywhere, you don’t even need a sketchbook (though sketchbooks are nicer and more organized).

4 thoughts on “wait a minute, mister postman

  1. Barry Bonds says:


    For some reason I chose today to look you up: clearly the sleeting drizzle outside made me think of afternoons spent in Charleroi and Liege… 12 years ago now!

    Good to catch up with you,

    Barry Bonds

    • pete scully says:

      Hi Barry! Nice to hear from you, thanks for stopping by. Sleet and drizzle…none of that here, mid 70s in Davis today! What are you up to these days, still teaching? Been back to Liege at all? (I was in Charleroi about three years ago, nothing has changed) Shoot me an email, best wishes, Pete

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