fly away peter, fly away paul

washington square, SF

Another one from last Saturday’s solo sketchcrawl around San Francisco. This is the Church of Saints Peter and Paul in Washington Square, North Beach.  You may have seen it in Dirty Harry briefly. Peter and Paul; I suppose if you’re going to name a church after saints, they’re the big guns really, and here you get two for one. North Beach is the Italian neighbourhood of San Francisco. It was a busy afternoon in Washington Square, lots of people about – there usually are, whenever I sketch down there. This time there was a large crowd of people in red dressed as pirates of some sort, out on some heavy drinking bar-crawling event of some sort. Never really seen the appeal of pirates, comedy or otherwise. Anyway, I enjoyed sketching this, with a uniball signo pen in my Stillman and Birn sketchbook.

3 thoughts on “fly away peter, fly away paul

  1. Matt Laine says:

    As is always the case your sketches are great and I am awed by your ability — I pass on making comments many times ’cause I’d just be saying the same things over again — just terrific work

  2. Linda Daily says:

    Happy Belated Birthday,Pete!
    Great sketches of one of the most beautiful cities.
    The last time Ron and I walked through North Beach(in Jan.),
    we kept wondering why folks were walking around in their knickers.
    Seems it was “Ride the train in your underwear day”.
    Some good,some should have kept their pants on!

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