you better slow your mustang down

1967 ford mustang

We went to the Sonoma County Harvest Fair at the Santa Rosa Fairgrounds this weekend, to see the Grape Stomping (some people are very serious about that), the Pumpkin Tossing (actually I didn’t see that this time, but my son did some pumpkin bowling), make scarecrows, and of course draw old antique cars. I love drawing old cars, but don’t do it very often – last year’s Harvets Festival was in fact the first and last time. I chatted with some of the car owners, one of whom was an artist of cars and buildings himself. I started off drawing a red 1967 Ford Mustang. It reminded me of 1970s cops, on the edge. Even though this is so very American, I kept humming the theme tune to the Professionals. You really need to screech up a kerb and knock over some bins before sliding across the bonnet and taking out some crook with a couple of right hooks with a car like this, don’t you. You see all these SUVs and Hummers and trucks these days, but those are just compensating, macho nonsense; none of them say ‘tough guy’ like a car like this does. Anyway, it was fun to draw.

mustang 1967

10 thoughts on “you better slow your mustang down

  1. Rowland Jones says:

    Ah Bullitt– good ole steve

    Sweeney- Granada and a Capri- do you know thta the Sweeney was the first time any producer had said to a manufacturer ‘GIve us the cars- we’re advertising them for you.’? In the Italian Job the longest mini commercial ever made… they actually bought the mini’s from BMC !!

  2. jessica galiana says:

    Hi there, not sure this will reach you.. But love your drawing and looking to buy a very similar one in a bigger format (for my husband & I 10 years together… we did make out in front of one at that time) Any case if interested could you email me :) thx a mill

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