davis sketchers

the scullys go sketching

Photos from last Sunday’s Let’s Draw Davis sketch crawl: above, budding young sketcher Luke shows his dad a thing or two about urban sketching. You can clearly see here the ‘incroyable tenue de crayon de Pete’, while Luke demonstrates a new take on the ‘non moins incroyable posture’. Urban sketching runs in the family!

Alison sketches DavisAlan sketches Davis

Fellow Davis blogging couple Alison (Pica) and Allan (Numenius) (check out their blog Feathers of Hope) show off their sketches at the end of the day on 2nd St. I have sketched with them before a long while ago so it was nice to sketch with them again.

Laura sketches DavisRahman sketches davis

On the left is fellow moleskine sketcher Laura, who came to the first sketchcrawl in October. She draws great pictures in sharpie pen, and told me a great trick for getting over that ‘first page of sketchbook’ anxiety that a lot of sketchbookers have – she starts in the middle of the book! I thought that was a great approach. On the right, my colleague in the Statistics dept Rahman Azari, a great artist who has a good eye for colour, sketching the autumnal tones at the train station.

davis sketchcrawl results

And here is my sketchbook at the end of the day. I struggled through a cold, which got worse, but I’m glad to have had a nice day sketching with other Davis sketchers. More sketchcrawls to come in the new year, dates to be announced – please join us on the next one!

Let’s Draw Davis! Flickr group

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