but you didn’t take a peek in their artillery room

nanodrawmo 29nanodrawmo 32

These metal pipes are starting to look more and more like armed robots. I hope they’re not! Otherwise, well, there’s a sci-fi zom-rom-com right there. I might write it, maybe for NaNoWriMo next year. These ones above, red team and white team, look more like they should be shooting lasers at X-Wing fighters than putting out fires.

Here’s another fire hydrant, which someone on Flickr commented that it looks like a traffic cop. It does, but I prefer traffic droid. This one is opposite the UCD fire station.nanodrawmo 30

6 thoughts on “but you didn’t take a peek in their artillery room

  1. Rowland Jones says:

    Armed Robots!
    Good thing, McCarthy isn’t still around . . he’d be arresting and cross examining every fire hydrant as being a threat to national security. And you, a foreigner … promulgating the idea?!!! You’d have been out on your ear!!

    • pete scully says:

      I wouldn’t be surprised if they do that already. They should have CCTV cameras in them to spy on terrorists and hoodies; oh no, that’s England i’m thinking of, where the cameras are everywhere.

  2. daveterry says:

    Pete: You are the master of these. Wonderful work. I want to do manhole covers but it’s too dangerous. Seriously. There are some very unusual ones in our neighborhood. Maybe I could just sketch from the pictures? Anyway, great work the these fire hydrants.

    • pete scully says:

      cheers! i think it’s tommy kane who draws manhole covers, finds some good ones too. It’s funny, the best view of the fire hydrant is often right from the road, which is why i usually have a side view of it.

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