at the foot of the mountain, such a long way to climb…

E street, Davis

I am finally using my Urban Sketchers Moleskine, the accordion/Japanese-style book that I got from the Urban Sketching Symposium in Portland (wow, that ground-breaking event was two months ago now!). I am trying out brown Pitt pens, and have decide to devote the book to one long series of drawings set around the city of Davis. This is a fun project, and a little ambitious, as I will have a second book devoted solely to campus. The plan is to show them side by side as two long drawings. I decided on brown because I liked the soft effect it had against the yellowy Moleskine paper, which I have not always loved (and nor have my other pens, but the Pitt ones quite enjoy it). The sketchbook format is a little tricky to keep hold of (I use lots of clips; however I like what Gerard Michel did while filling his), and it’s a bugger to scan, but I’m getting the hang of it. 

The first in this series (minus a gap on the top right corner where the word “Davis” will go) was drawn on E Street, sat on the steps outside the Natsoulas gallery. I’ve sketched this building  a couple of times before, it’s an interesting little house downtown (but really I’m more interested in that pipework in the foreground, as you know). I’m already a few drawings in, but this is the first…stay tuned for more!

4 thoughts on “at the foot of the mountain, such a long way to climb…

  1. pete scully says:

    cheers! This is an enjoyable project, though because the drawings are much bigger than i usually do, they take longer, even though i’m not colouring them. I will do a separate one for campus as well I think, so they can be viewed side by side.

  2. Janene says:

    I really like the monochromatic look of these. Good to know that Pitt pens work well in the Urban Sketcher books. This series of sketches is quite wonderful!

    • pete scully says:

      Thanks! Took me a few goes to find a pen that worked how I like it on this paper, and I’d not used the Pitt pens that often before. I think i read a review somwhere online (by googling it!) of which pens work best on this paper, because I’d found that my preferred Micron pens just didn’t like it all that much. The Pitt pens love it! The fine Copic multiliners like it too, but I decided on the Pitt as the dark sepia was very nice. The warm grey brush pen is nice too as its not obtrusive (is that the word?).
      I had to start using my Urban Sketchers book eventually though! But it is tricky to hold down and scan…

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