and the mechanical wonder

3rd st gas/water pipes

I’m a little obsessed with these pipes I see outside buildings. I think they’re for water, or perhaps gas, or perhaps both. I’m not a plumber, nor a gas-man. They could be filled with Dr.Pepper for all I know. I like how they look, so I sat in the shade outside Ace Houseware and drew them.

It reminds me a little bit of the game ‘Mouse-Trap’. There’s probably a little cage and a tiny man diving into a bathtub right above this. I wonder if the people that put these together chuckled to themselves with the same thought.

12 thoughts on “and the mechanical wonder

  1. Alex Zonis says:

    Oh, I so love these! I look at them wistfully all the time! Somehow I haven’t found the time for them yet. Must fix that soon. Yours are wonderful! You got the intricacy and complexity so well!

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