summer sessions

davis in the summertime
Regular listeners will recall that often, in the summer time, it gets quite hot here in Davis. A hundred degrees, pah that’s nothing. It was at least that today, so I didn’t venture out into the oven world to sketch. I stayed in the stairwell, sat on a very dusty step, and looked out of the big window. I have drawn this view before, the UC Davis skyline, the tall water-tower dominating events. However, the stairwell in our building isn’t air-conditioned, so it started to feel very sauna-like after a short while. It gave me a headache. I’m not designed for hot weather, I’m red-headed and freckly.  I got this finished during lunchtime though, and in the incredible dry heat the paint dried as soon as it hit the paper.

3 thoughts on “summer sessions

  1. Rob says:

    I can relate to that. I got a headache out sketching in the sun the other day myself. Pretty normal for my paleface genes too. Great handling of this panorama, and like how you even included a guy in the parking lot.

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