2 thoughts on “as long as i gaze on

  1. Matt says:

    Nice painting. Funny to find this when I did as I’ve been trying to find a ‘Monterey Jack’ cheese supplier in Australia. I gave up and was checking my Google Reader and there was your painting of a Monterey sunset.

  2. petescully says:

    haha! Funny enough, that bloke sitting on the beach there is called Jack.

    It’s funny, i get a list of all the searches that have brought people here, some of them are really abstract. “Pissing at bus stop” brings people here regularly for some reason (I don’t know who keeps searching for that). “Strumming the old beef curtains” has come up a couple of times, disturbingly, while “arsenal sketchbook” is one that irked. “How to draw a bote” has come up a few times, with that spelling. One of my favourites is “burnt oak, a nice place?”. You may have to be a Burnt Oaker to appreciate the irony of that one!

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