to view a voiceless ghost

pond square, highgate

They say Pond Square is haunted. Who are they? Well, lots of people and ‘ghosts of london’ books, but not the estate agents I imagine. It’s possibly haunted by a pond, but I have never seen it (there hasn’t been a pond here for more than a century and a half). I love this little nook of old Highgate village. I used to walk through here in the wee small hours on the way home after getting off the late bus up the hill from Camden Town (with a beer-sopping bag of chips and pepsi max). Give me Highgate and its Hill any day.

Copic multiliner and watercolour.

5 thoughts on “to view a voiceless ghost

  1. Pyracantha says:

    beautiful…love what you did with the silhouette of the tree trunk breaking the border. Are you in England now? The picture is dated March 29, 09 (as far as I can see.)

  2. John says:

    That’s a great technique/format with the objects intersecting the frame, really brings an extra dimension into the sketch; writing is really great as well. Your parliament of fowls piece was brilliant. Anyway, great blog. I like your sketch of the coop; I was thinking to go make a sketch at the Carrefour…. I dont think anybody ever sketched in the Carrefour parking lot before, but somebody should.

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