the eleventh of march


This one’s Vermeiher hall, yet another on the UC Davis campus. If you’re wondering. It’s warm and sunny now, but chilly in the morning. This particular copic pen is living out the autumn weeks of its life with thicker lines and an uncertain nib.

Oh! Saw Watchmen last night. Flipping brilliant, start to finish. Big fan of the graphic novel, and cannot wait for the dvd. Rorschach¬†wicked, when he roars, “i’m not locked in here with you, you’re locked in here with me!”

2 thoughts on “the eleventh of march

  1. trollboy says:

    nice drawings here. i like the way you frame things. Ditto about watchmen, except for the word flipping. It’s not used that way much around these parts (although maybe I could try to start)

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