soho continued

broadwick street, soho

pete sketchingPart 2 of Soho sketching day. This is Broadwick Street, and that is the Blue Posts pub, which I also sketched in ’07. In the distance, Centre Point. There I am, to the left, drawing this very scene.  My nephew and I chatted while I drew, then went to art shops, foreign language bookshops, football shirts shops; I lamented the lameness of anthony asleep on the tubeCarnaby Street, navigated through short-cuts and alleys, reminisced about nights out I can barely remember. I do see Soho as a city with a city, and one with tiny neighbourhoods of its own, and I could draw it endlessly, but the end of the afternoon came quickly, and so we got the tube back up the Northern Line, my tired nephew sleeping much of the way back (and giving me a chance to attempt some tube-train sketching; here is the result…)

A good day was had by all!

5 thoughts on “soho continued

  1. karen at pen in hand says:

    Hey, Pete – These are great. I want to ask a few questions about your cityscapes, and if you have time/inclination to answer them here, I’ll be back to take a look.
    1. Do you tend to work foreground-to-background, or large shapes to small, or some other way? (I ask because these complex cityscape drawings are always a bit vexing for me.)
    2. Do you edit out things you don’t want to deal with – the inconveniently parked car, or confusing mishmashes of trees and wires, that sort of thing?a

    3. Anything other advice on doing city scenes?
    I hope you have time to share some of your wisdom. You do such a great job. Thanks –
    Karen in Cleveland, Ohio

  2. petescully says:

    Thanks Karen; here’s what I do. I usually draw in the things in the foreground first, such as a tree or map-post that I stick in the way, then I do the things further back. But first I do use a light pencil to mark where I want things to be, and mark out the perspective. I do edit stuff out such as cars and people (though i’m really trying not to these days!), but as for powerlines and trees, well they are usually what draws me to sketch something so I always leave them in. I love drawing powerlines, I’m so glad there are more of them here in the US. As for any other advice on city sketching, I think I’m really trying my best to just draw what I see rather than what I think I see, that has been hard to overcome yet it sounds so simple. I was telling my nephew, this is my new mantra, draw what you see.
    Best place I feel for a lesson on urban sketching is on martha’s trumpetvine site, I learnt a lot from this and think of it most of the time I’m sketching: Hope this is useful!

  3. Salvador says:

    Hi Pete! Andrea Joseph sent me over to your site, very nice. Your cityscapes are excellent! Andrea mentioned you to me because I come to Davis often (I’m in Stockton), usually at least once a month. I have friends that have gone to the university there and one that is still there finishing up her PhD. Anyway, I was think that maybe we could me up at Mishkas cafe the next time I’m up there. Stop by my blog and drop me a note.

    I visited a friend in London back in 2000 and your sketches bring back wonderful memories. I hope to hear from you.

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