get thee to a nunnery

flaws, mostly

Part two in a series. This is the old convent up on Orange Hill Road, Burnt Oak, the one that provided the nuns for the adjacent St. James’ school. Opposite there was another school, Orange Hill. I went to neither. Both are now gone. My old school though, in Edgware, is also now gone, demolished, an old comprehensive replaced with a futuristic brutal looking academy. I’ll bet the bogs still fit heads down them though.

2 thoughts on “get thee to a nunnery

  1. gary young ( orange hill road) says:

    Hiya Pete,
    How things change eh, it’s a real shame it’s all gone I think but I guess things move on.
    when was you last in the Burnt Oak?
    And are you coming over to the uk sometime soon?
    I am really impressed with your sketches mate!
    What’s the chances of you doing a sketch of my girls the next time your in town?
    I would love to surprise the better half with something original.

  2. pete scully says:

    Cheers Gary! I appreciate the comment. Yep, it all changes, every time I go back. That walk up Orange Hill never seems to change too much though. We go back every year to see the family, going back for xmas too. Might go down to the Spurs, but blimey it’s expensive now! That Van der Vaart’s a bit good, eh.
    As for portraits, I generally don’t do them, sorry. Still practising a little, but it’s not really my thing.
    Hope all is well, Pete

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