lazy sunday afternoon

lazy sunday afternoonNice to be home; New York was very busy (I still have more drawings to post, of course). We flew back via a snowstorm in Minneapolis (after rain and sun in the Big Apple), back to the warmer wee hours of Sacramento. Novembers in Davis are bright and sunny, sometimes a bit chilly, sometimes a little rainy, but right now it’s warm and enviable. Lovely weather. Nice long shadows creeping across apartment buildings.

This however is cobweb season; for some reason, Novembers in Davis mean waling down the road avoiding huge long cobwebs that are floating from every lamp-post and tree. I hate getting caught in a floating web. You get that creepy feeling for ages afterwards, like there are things crawling on you.

The picture: notice the big black blob on the left side, that’s where my usually trusty micron pen exploded, suddenly, leaving a large black globule of ink I do not want to get on the furniture or clothes all over the page. The perils of drawing!

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