it’s all part of my autumn almanac

fast mart

The afternoons are getting a little darker and a little cooler – I love this time of year, in any country. It makes me remember the various autumns in other years of my life – windy autumn days blowing up Highgate Hill, crisp October evenings waiting for a bus in High Barnet, massive purple skies and fireworks in Burnt Oak, mild goldenĀ mornings in Aix, pissing down grey afternoons in Belgium. And here in Davis, where until just last week summer was still going on, cool air starts coming into the Valley, rain begins to pour, my beloved jumpers/sweaters start to come out. I might even wear a scarf.

We’ve been living in Davis three years this week. This is the Fast Mart convenience store on the corner of B St and 2nd (sketched on the way to getting my haircut).

4 thoughts on “it’s all part of my autumn almanac

  1. Katherine says:

    Sounds romantic. I think you need a shot of reality this side of the pond! ;)

    Right now London is sitting under a warm and very wet front. Do you remember those very grey days in November when the clock has gone back, everything seems damp all the time and you seriously begin to think about investing in a light for all those affected by SAD? We’ve got lots of that.

    Sad to say but the weather has changed over here in the last three years, we don’t seem to have summers any more (well we certainly haven’t had one for the last two years) and I’m beginning to think that autumn is now looking set to being perennially cloudy and wet. Last week, we even had the earliest snow ever in London and six feet hailstorm drifts in Devon of all places!

    The weird bit is that we now get so much rain that the leaves stay green longer and then stay on the trees much longer too. It takes a high wind to get them off!

    The only good bit is that we don’t seem to get too much cold – but I guess that’s global warming for you!

  2. Lynne Chapman says:

    Hi! – I had to look you up because that photo of you drawing on Urban Sketchers really caught my eye. Wonderfully intense!

    And now I find that you used to hang out in High Barnet! I went to college at Cat Hill in Cockfosters (God, Cockfosters is boring…) and grew up in North London. Love the sketches.

  3. petescully says:

    Thanks! Lynne: Yes, High Barnet, I went to Barnet College in 94-96, happy days. Cockfosters; did you go to Middlesex? I used to work for the Middx Uni bookshop before coming out here.
    Olha: I sort of did, but they all took different forms, if that makes sense..
    Katherine: reality is, we had no rain this year for months and months and months, an impossibly dry and horribly hot summer – this autumnal change is so welcome you wouldn’t believe. I did go back to London at the end of May – and it pissed down every day; I loved it!! But I hear it rained a lot more than normal this year.

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