urban sketchers of the world unite

I love cities, I love drawing in cities, and so this is right up my street, and yours too. A new website will be officially launching on November 1: urbansketchers.com. Founded by Seattle-based illustrator Gabi Campanario, it will feature the drawings of a number of excellent sketchblogging artists from cities on four (so far) continents. I am pleased to announce that I am the correspondent for Davis, and I’m really looking forward to contributing to this exciting project. The other artists involved have some incredible work, some of which I’m familiar with, and many whose work is new to me (and it is very inspiring stuff!). I love that there are so many different ways of interpreting our cities, so I’m looking forward to learning a few new styles. Check it out, bookmark it, tell your friends, get a sketchbook, go outside, draw stuff. Now form a band.

(Now, of course, I have to try to make Davis look ‘urban’…)


Tomorrow, I’ll be off to San Francisco for some very urban sketching down in the Mission, for the 20th Worldwide Sketch Crawl. My sketching stool is being stitched together, I’m testing out a new paintbox, and leaving room inside me for burritos. The Sketchcrawl is happening all over the world, so check out the forum to see if any other sketchers are getting out and about in your city. And yes, this time there’s one happening in London too (on the South Bank from Borough, the same route Simon and I did last year for the Sketchcrawl).

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