dial M for redrum

Just as you get off the freeway at downtown Davis. Caffino is a drive-thru coffee booth, and Murder Burger is an old-school american diner that does incredible burgers and amazing milk-shakes. Oh, sorry Redrum Burger.
caffino & murder burger

They used to be called Murder Burger, and to most Davisites they still are. But a few years back they opened another one in some other dog-knows-where town, and someone complained that Murder Burger (“so good they’re to die for”) was not appropriate as a place to eat (even though appropriateness is usually measured by the money something makes). So they decided to change their name, and asked their customers to vote on a new name. The name that won with an overwhelming majority was, in fact, Murder Burger. So they went with the second choice, Redrum Burger (yes, I thought it meant the horse at first).

I don’t eat red meat anyway.

2 thoughts on “dial M for redrum

  1. Greg says:

    Hello Pete,

    This hamburger place used to be called Murder Burger, if I recall correctly they did have the best milk shakes and hamburgers in Davis! I used to work at a radio station that is just across the railroad tracks from there and that was one of our favorite places to grab lunch. There an a little Italian place called the Italian Cottage which was just around the corner from Murder Burger. They had sawdust on the floor which added to its ambiance! Davis is a great college town and I appreciate seeing your drawings of Redrum Burger.


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