if you wanna be my cover

covered by chemists

I was not a great chemist at school. I hated Bunsen Burners, you see, and those little gas-taps on each desk were just trouble waiting to happen (then again everything was at my old school). I used to like drawing on the desks, and in the textbooks, but that’s it. However, I was happy to lend my one of my lunchtime drawings to the UC Davis Chemistry department for their new graduate handbook (which made me want to completely redesign our own graduate program handbooks). I remember, it was a really cold December day when I drew this, I was proving my tenacity to myself (like I do when it’s hot in the Summer). I hope the chemists like it. Just don’t get me near those Bunsen Burners.

KMnO4, Potassium Permangenate. I knew at the time that t might be the only thing I would ever retain in Chemistry. I was much better at Biology. But only really interested in German and Art.

8 thoughts on “if you wanna be my cover

  1. The Happy Painter says:

    Wow. That’s so nice it makes me want to take chemisty. (No, that would never happen for me. I prefer the visible or the imagined to the dry paper and boring diagrams of chemistry textbooks.)

  2. Seana says:


    How cool is this?! There are so many pictures burned into my mind about the campus, but as it’s been almost 20 years since I was there I’m sure things have changed. Do the buses still line up in the front of campus? Not by the Silo but out front by the concert hall? Anyway, well done.

  3. Seana says:

    That’s where I used to catch mine too! I lived at Temescal, which was out in the ‘boonies’ at the time. I love a good transit system. Wish we had one here.

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