you do the math

mathematical sciences building

I don’t like that expression, by the way. Plus being British I’d say ‘maths’ (though being a Londoner it sounds more like ‘maffs’). A lunchtime sketch; I’d never drawn the front of my work building before, so thought I should give it a go. since one of my other drawings will be adorning the front of the chemistry dept’s new handbook, maybe i’ll use this sketch for something one day too. Or not. There are then still things in Davis I’ve not drawn. It’s just usually too hot to draw them (he says with several full sketchbooks).

Mathematics…it must be popular in California, you always hear about all those math labs on the news, I think. At school, all I wanted was just to pass maths, no better. I quite hated the teacher of the top class, Blindty, an ancient creature who had been teaching there since before Pythagorus got into triangles, and he quite disliked me; well, me and almost everyone else. So I requested to move into the second class (and tried my best not to get moved back up), and as a result had a much much better teacher, Miss Barker, and I passed the GCSE no problem, and restored my self-esteem. I left maths behind at 16, but I’m still pretty good at the numbers game on Countdown. Perhaps I should try to become Vorderman’s replacement?

4 thoughts on “you do the math

  1. Pica says:

    I just scraped through maths O level which was my only goal at the time. I think I’d probably enjoy it more now with a patient teacher and no time pressure. But not as much as sketching.

  2. Bluebicicletta says:

    Wow, it’s so amazing to me how you fit in these wonderful drawings on your lunch hour. I never succeeded in that when I worked at UCD. Now I work part-time, and in an attempt to get out of work as soon as possible, I take a short lunch.
    I also just tried to pass math all through school–in college, I took a class called “The Nature of Math” to fulfill my requirements. Now, there’s a class for people with their heads in the clouds–we folded three-dimensional geometric shapes out of paper packing tape.

  3. petescully says:

    maths. it’s great stuff, but for other people. And i love mathematicians, and statisticians, because it’s all so alien to me, I’m constantly impressed.
    As for drawing at lunchtime, well I’m becoming less and less inspired by what i see at UCD every day at lunch, like i’ve drawn the silo too many times now. Last summer i drew almost every day, this summer not so much; i can’t wait for the thai soup place to reopen. It means i’ll draw less at lunchtime but also means i’ll buy more pens at the bookstore.
    It’s funny, the idea of having to take a maths or stats or whatever class at college to fulfill requirements, just bizarre to me, in Britain we don’t have that at all. I last did maths at 16 and never looked back.

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