some have gone, and some remain

Illustration Friday this week is “Memories”; this is my entry. 


I took my inspiration for this composition from the phenomenal Andrea Joseph. Well, her and the homage to her by France Belleville. I’ve wanted for a while to do a detailed piece of “bits” for a while but hadn’t blocked out the mental space for it – wow, it takes some concentrated concentration! – and, actually it’s not finished. I’ll be adding colour later (I just need a rest!). I drew it so that it would be coloured.

Those are just some of my memories. Oh, except one, a partially hidden photo of my grandad (who i never knew) with my dad as a boy (you only see his hair). Once the picture is complete I’ll add notes. They span several countries. Two of the objects are actual ‘memory’.

10 thoughts on “some have gone, and some remain

  1. petescully says:

    thank you! this really did take a long time, and then i added colour (not a lot) and just posted that. i like both versions differently. If it was going to stay uncoloured though, i’d have drawn it differently. I might do one like this again…but not for a while! (I am very busy…) This is an homage, or even an homage of an homage.

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