fish big

help! i'm a fish

for the second day in a row i didn’t leave the office during lunch, because it’s too hot, and i brought something homemade to eat (this time tomato soup; yesterday was jamaican jerk chicken). Both times I got out the superthin copic pens and drew something in the office. Yesterday was the view behind me, today was a detail of the same view, but with the fish that got left out. Why do I have a fish? Well, why not?

I have drawn little cartoon fish around the place. It was something I used to do in England.

The Danish tomte seen yesterday is to the fish’s left. That’s from the fish’s perspective. From your, it’s behind the fish.

3 thoughts on “fish big

  1. Pica says:

    Pete — fantastic to see your work on here, keep posting! I’m happy doing a sketch a day, so glad to discover you’re still doing that too.

    Off to a wedding on Saturday in San Jose: an eastern orthodox rite wedding. Taking the sketchbook of course (well, I think I’ll take an accordion fold Arches text wove and give it to the couple if the stuff turns out ok…)

  2. petescully says:

    cheers, nice to bump into you today! Yes, glad to see the daily-sketching community is still out there going strong. I checked out your blogs and saw your sketchbook project save the world book, very nice, and a good idea to re-fill the book with that paper, I never thought of doing that.

  3. belgiumfemme says:

    Thanks for your comment on my blog, Tournai is a lot of fun. I have enjoyed it very much so far, but my head is spinning from all the french. The family I am staying with has been so gracious. It was a sad day however because we parted with a family member who is doing the same exchange but to America.

    It was great to see his courage, but very upsetting to see him go…

    I love your drawings, they are very interesting, a style much different from what you often see.

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